Harp Music Library
Hong Kongs first and foremost harp resources library for FOTHs members exclusively. The library provides a wide selection of harp resources to augment and support learning, teaching and researching harps and harp music in Hong Kong. Members of FOTH are welcome to loan our resources home for non-commercial use. Copying, cloning, photocopying and/or extracting of our resources are strictly prohibited. Many of our items may have been discontinuted in the market, please be considerate and be gentle to our items.

Loan Charges & Quota

Loan Fee (Deposit)

Free loan to members ($200 deposit for each item unless otherwise specified. Deposit is fully refundable upon return of loan item in merchantible quality)

Loan Period 14 calendar days unless otherwise specified
Loan Quota Lifetime Patron / Annual Patron: 5 items concurrently
Member / Student Member: 2 items concurrently, except for the first-time rental that allows 5-items loan
Overdue fines $10/library operation day/item
Our Library Service is run by volunteers.  Hence, ALL income goes to our Charitable Foundation. You are suggested to search online (see the search link below) or email us to check for items availability first.  Library opening hours (trial period):  Every Monday & Wednesday 17:00-18:30 + Last Saturday of Every Month (11:00-13:00) + By Appointment.

The Music Library has over 250 harp books/music scores and over 100 harp CDs at the moment. If you have any items that you think FOTHs Hong Kong Harp Resources Library should carry, we would very appreciate you letting us know via email.

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