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For the purpose of supporting our charitable foundation, we have rental harps available for rent to members of FOTH.  Harps are provided by a sponsor, our rental scheme is run by volunteers.  Hence, ALL rental income goes to the charitable foundation. Please read Terms & Conditions carefully before renting. Rental harps available are listed below:

HarpModel# of StringsMonthly Rental (HK$)Security Deposit (HK$)Availability
00 Taiwan makeTaiwan40 (fully levered)5003000No
01 ReesHarpsicle (Lap Harp)26 (no lever)3002000Yes
02 Dusty StringsRavenna 2626 (fully levered)6804800Yes
03 TriplettNino 3434 (fully levered)10008900No
04 Lyon & HealyShamrock34 (fully levered)10808900No
05 TriplettSierra34 (fully levered)10808900No
06 SalviAida34 (fully levered)10808900No
07 TriplettCatalina34 (fully levered)125012800Yes
08 ReesAberdeen36 (fully levered)125012800No
Note: Photos provided above are for reference only. The actual harps available for rental may look different from what the photos shown, e.g. they are of different color or soundboard decoration 
Terms & Conditions
1. You must become a member of the FOTH in order to enjoy this service. 
2. Harp teacher recommendation is also required.  Otherwise, a proof of your identification and your address is required under our rental scheme.  You must inform FOTH of any change of your address. 
3. A minimum rental period of three months applies to all FOTH rentals, unless otherwise stated. Harp pick-up or return costs is not included in the rental.  After the first three months, monthly rental applies.  You may end this agreement at any time after the first three months, by returning the instrument in good condition. This agreement will run for a maximum of 24 months.  After 21 monthly payments, this agreement will end and you will return the instruments
4. A security deposit, plus first 3-month rental, is payable in advance. The first 3-month rental is not refundable. Security deposits will be returned to the member without interest if the rented instruments are returned to the FOTH office (situated in HK island) in good condition within the three (3) days of the last day of the current rental month upon termination of rental and all outstanding rental money is settled.
5. Rented instruments are the responsibility of the member, and the said responsibility includes reimbursement to the FOTH for any instrument which is lost or stolen, as well as any damage to the instrument as a result of fire, burglary, theft, accident, ill-usage, negligence or willful destruction. The reimbursement amount shall not be more than twenty two times (22x) of the monthly rental fees of the rented Lap Harp, OR be no more than forty times (40x) of the monthly rental fees of the rented Levered Harp, OR be no more than sixty times (60x) of the monthly rental fees of the rented Pedal Harp.
6. FOTH will repair or adjust the rented instruments without charge throughout the term of the rental period, as long as rental payments are current and the necessary repairs are not due to accident, negligence or willful destruction. The member will be required to bring the instruments to the FOTH office for repair. Free service does not include the replacement of broken or lost parts, or accessory items. All replacement strings must be paid and handled by the member. FOTH will not be responsible, or reimburse a member, for any unauthorized repair.
7. The rented instruments remain the property of FOTH during the rental period and the member shall not sell or offer for sale, assign, mortgage, pledge, underlet, lend or otherwise deal with or part with possession of the rented instruments. Unless otherwise approved by a written cosent from FOTH: the Hirer shall be the only user of the rented instrument; the Hirer shall keep the rented instrument for domestic usage and at one address; the Hirer shall not use the rented instrument for any commercial performance or trade usage.
8. FOTH reserves the right to repossess any instrument if the account becomes delinquent by ten (10) days of more. The member will be responsible for the outstanding balance of unpaid rental fees on the account and any collection costs involved, including legal fees.
9. If any balance due remains unpaid for more than one (1) month beyond the payment due date, a LATE CHARGE of 5% of the total of any unpaid rental payments will be added to the balance due, with a MINIMUM LATE CHARGE of HK$50.
10.  FOTH reserves the right of the final decision of any dispute.

For further enquiries please contact Adeline (
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