FRIENDS OF THE HARP LIMITED (FOTH) is a registered charity providing a platform for friends of the harp to widen access to harp music in our community through our 'Harp Education and Outreach Projects'. We are a Registered Charity and a Social Enterprise member under the Home Affairs Department. We use harp music to conduct music outreach, support free harp learning courses in NGOs and assist rehabilitation for people with disability. Our Harp Education Scholarship is one of the beneficiaries of 'Drs Richard & Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation'. This website contains mainly our history, background and early work when we started our effort in 2006/2007 For updates of our recent activities, pls visit

Hong Kong Harp Festival 2006/2007
Over 100 harpists and other instruments players at HarpFest 07 to fundraise for Medecins Sans Frontieres. Trio by Katryna Tan (Singapore), Amy Tam (HK), and Jung Kwak (Korea)

News & Events 2006/2007
Press Interview with Jung Kwak (Chi.)
During her guest performance at HarpFest 07
News Coverage of the ‘Music Rejoice Center’
Created by the donation raised at HarpFest 06
Interview with Harp Family YAU (Chi)
During their charity performance at HarpFest 07
News Coverage of HarpFest 07 (Chi)
Featuring friends of the harp supporting the HarpFest
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Xmas Fundraising Concert 07@Harbour City  

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Here is our example of earlier work Harp Scholarship 2012 White Paper &Harp Scholarship Recipients before 2012 (snapshot)
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