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We believe that investing in the healthy development of all children is investing in a brighter future for the world at large.  Our community benefits when children become productive, engaged citizens of tomorrow.  The Music Scholarship Fund was established to inspire youngsters to take up the harp to create a sense of achievement and as a wonderful means to connect with the society.

Music-For-Every-Child Harp Scholarship- The Scholarship has recently become one of the beneficiaries of 'Drs Richard Charles & Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation' , supporting harp education to musically talented students who need financial aid in their pursuit of harp education .

Nina Young Memorial Scholarship- The Scholarship is to support advanced harp study overseas. Students must qualify for admission to a leading school of music. Selection is primarily based on music proficiency and community service .

Here is our Harp Scholarship Recipients 2009-2012
The Story of 'Chu-chun'  - how she overcomes her blindness to learn the harp

We have invited Chu-chun from Taiwan to come to perform at the Asian HarpFest 2008, and to share with us how one can make use of music to inspire themselves and people around us:

Chu-Jun's story in her own words ( in Eng translation)

Chu-Jun and her harp teacher


Music inspires our children  :  Sunshine & her Daddy;  Little Emily playing in front of everybody

Please support us to improve the lives of underpriviledged children through education. The Scholarship Program is operated by founders and supporters of FOTH on a voluntary basis, so that your donations go directly to the benefitiaries.

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